! m jz an ordinary person
born !n a country which doesn't want to recogn!se me, so do !
! m not a "happy go lucky", taking l!fe seriouly as what & how ! want to be & fight for what ! want


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it's really over

Thursday, July 29, 2010
10:58 PM

not my day...

lots of disappointments till my blood vessel is exploding...

~ stupid student service, how the hell you all working without communication???
~ while i hate to "wait" for things... i still have to wait...fark me!
~ why in a stupid country, phone line is down when raining?

a miserable life...

Monday, July 12, 2010
12:16 AM

dear friend,

i thought i was one of your best friends who can be trusted and share your sadness and happiness.
perhaps, in fact it's wrong...
when you said
"me n u, not really 相处 b4...
jz a chatting in msn de..."

that's hurt me most,friend...

we went for a trip together...
we yam cha together...
we had fun together...

but now, i am indeed a friend of yours, but an "online friend"

i feel like i'm nothing in your life...

Sunday, July 11, 2010
3:32 PM

"life" is like a seesaw
ups and downs..
without going down for once or more, we can't reach the highest "up"
pushing to the max when you are "down" to reach the max "up"

just as in life, things happen good and could not be always "good"
not to giving up when the worst come,
but to push yourself to the max!!

Tomorrow will be a better Day!

是否我消失了 你才能知道我的存在?
是否我落泪了 你才能看到我的伤痕?
是否我放弃了 你才能看到我的付出?
是否我沉默了 你才能听到我的心声?


为什么美好的东西总是短 暂的? 故事的结局还是说了再见.




Sunday, May 9, 2010
1:31 AM


why the hell today damn hot...haiz...
2012 is on the way huh?

the heat is killing me, no mood to work!

someone can get MC 3 days just because vomit oh....
and the result is when she...(assistant manager)
headache = MC 1 day
sore throat = MC 2 days
vomit = MC 3 days

and "me"
never take MC before also never get "the best employee of the year", forget about it man!
last month cut my finger with 3 stitches ...i thought finally i can take so called "MC", the first time in my life...
thanks to my dear assistant manager (a.m), MC(duno wt reason)
as a result, i got back to work , with one hand!!!

so who do you think is important?
"me" or "a.m"?

can't no "me" at work, but "a.m"
you see that?
but i'm still getting the lower pay than a.m lah...

nb. this post is the result of my brain highly heated by the weather, sob!!!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010
10:49 AM

i know it's late. coz couldn't find time...

it's May 2, again =)

Happy Birthday to me,
24 this year...

the wishes in facebook just made my day!!
thanks guys, i really appreciate it and i really miss you all..wanted to go back but can't take leave =(

i got myself a Victorinox watch, bought from eBay...all the way from Switzerland .. ^^

and knives from my chef and managers

and just a mini celebration after work.

10 years from now...i must make my dream come true...
important things in my life
1st ~ my dream
2nd ~ my dream
3rd ~ my dream....'s all about my's not gonna be so easy though...